Movement, Emotion, Space

“I’m not interested in how people move, but what moves them.” Pina Bausch

This workshop is inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Laban and Jacques Lecoq and is designed for actors, dancers, directors and writers who are interested in devised performance and would like to explore a range of physical acting techniques whilst working as an ensemble. 


A variety of exercises will encourage participants to move away from the psychological approach to character creation moving towards the somatic embodiment of feeling. Participants will engage into an imaginative exploration of the character’s humanity through the body. Via physical improvisation techniques participants will analyse a broad spectrum of primary emotions/feelings and will focus on the ways in which the actor’s body and relationship to space communicate the internal character’s state visually, entering the poetic dimension of movement.


Bristol Physical Theatre Project’s workshops are aimed at performers and artists of various disciplines who would like to widen their performing and performance making skills. The project’s approach to theatre making has a strong emphasis on movement and physicality and concentrates on the idea that the performer’s creative impulse is crucial in the process of collective theatre creation. 

All BPTP workshops are open to everyone regardless of their experience. So, whether you are an experienced performer or a beginner, you will be both encouraged and challenged.


The workshop will provide its participants with a range of practical performance making and character creation exercises which can later be applied to the individual artistic practice and further training.


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