Bristol Physical Theatre Project movement workshops and classes are inspired by Jacques Lecoq and Rudolf Laban and for theatre makers, actors, dancers and circus performers who are interested in ensemble creation. The aim of this training is to offer a range of tools that stimulate the performer’s creative process and imagination and provide its participants with a range of practical theatre making skills which can later be applied to the individual artistic practice and further training.

The workshops/classes invite participants to move away from the psychological approach to character/narrative creation, engaging into a physical and imaginative the exploration of movement and spaces which we encounter in nature. The workshops focus on the relationship between performer and theatrical space, quality and economy of movement, rhythm and physicality. Through the use of Lecoq’s concepts of le jeu and mimo-dynamique as well as some Rudolf Laban’s 8 efforts participants will analyse the dynamics of colours, materials, elements and animals, concentrating on the ways in which these characteristics can be applied to human situations and be integrated into a physical character and narrative development.

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