The Present Body: Neutral Mask Training

“There are three masks: the one we think we are, the one we really are, and the one we have in common” Jacques Lecoq


This workshop offers to explore the fundamentals of physical acting through the work with Jacques Lecoq’s Neutral Mask.


Masks belong to the world of archetypes and invite the performer to explore and reconnect with internal archetypal resources through the body. The Neutral mask is the principle tool of Lecoq’s actor training. It encourages the actor to develop a better control over their body and become aware of their personal movement habits and dramas which the body reveals.

However, rather than referring to a psychological or character type (as, for example, Commedia dell’Arte masks) the Neutral Mask is concerned with the idea of universal humanity – a shared pool of emotional states and feelings that go beyond personality and individual background. Working with the Neutral Mask we ask two questions “Who is a human being before they put on the mask of a character?” and “What all human being have in common?”.

The mask fosters complicity and calm on stage, encouraging the actor to move towards pure presence and centeredness. Through the use of the mask, the actor leaves the naturalistic world and enters a poetic dimension of movement, timing and space.


Bristol Physical Theatre Project’s workshops are aimed at performers and artists of various disciplines who would like to widen their performing and performance making skills. The project’s approach to theatre making has a strong emphasis on movement and physicality and concentrates on the idea that the performer’s creative impulse is crucial in the process of collective theatre creation. 

All BPTP workshops are open to everyone regardless of their experience. Regardless of whether you are an experienced performer or a beginner, you will be both encouraged and challenged.



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