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Saturday, 24th of March, 3.30 – 6.30 at Space 238 (Easton, Bristol)

Character, Emotion, Space Workshop

This workshop is inspired by the teachings of Jacques Lecoq and is designed for actors, dancers, directors and writers who are interested in devised performance and would like to explore a range of physical character development techniques whilst working as an ensemble. A variety of exercises will encourage participants to move away from the psychological approach to character creation, engaging into a physical and imaginative exploration of the character’s humanity. Through the use of Lecoq’s concept of mimodynamics and physical improvisation participants will analyse the movement of elements, colours, emotions, materials and will focus on the ways in which the actor’s body, movement and relationship to space create a foundation for a further narrative development. The workshop is open to all levels, but a good level of physical fitness is needed.

Prices: £35 (full) £25 (conc) £20 (returners)
Bookings and info: igne.workshops@gmail.com

Physical Ensemble Story-Telling: 6 week course

Saturdays from 21st of April until 26th of May
Times: 3.30 – 6.00 PM
Prices: £110 (full) £90 (conc) £80 (returners)
Booking and info: igne.workshops@gmail.com

This intensive 6 week course is designed for actors, theatre-makers, dancers and circus performers who would like explore the dramatics of physical performance making, improvisation and ensemble story-telling using the approach and techniques of Jacques Lecoq. The aim of this course is to offer a range of tools that develop the participants’ theatrical language and increase their understanding of the relationship between the performers’s body, movement, theatrical space and physical expression. The course will focus on:

– physical improvisation through Lecoq’s concept of ‘play’
– the analysis and articulation of movement
– the dynamics of colours, materials, music and poetry
– the work with the Neutral Mask
– the work with objects
– devising as well as character and narrative development techniques

At the end of course the participants will be asked to present a short piece on a given theme. All the materials will be provided at the workshop.

This course is for industry professionals and those who already have some experience in physical theatre/dance/circus.


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