Research and Collaboration

Bristol Physical Theatre Project’s research focuses on the experimentation with and the exploration of theatre styles and physical performance forms, drawing its inspiration from the contemporary world and its dramatic tendencies. The project fosters a collaborative spirit between performers, artists and practitioners of various of disciplines and supports a development of new theatrical languages. BPTP encourages an inter-disciplinary approach to performance making, placing a significant emphasis on the body and physical ensemble work. BPTP also seeks to collaborate with social science researchers and students who would like to explore the political, social and environmental narratives of today’s world through the lens of performative principle and the poetics of movement. The project advocates equality and seeks to represent the diversity of the city of Bristol, believing that a creative exchange between individuals of diverse cultural, national and linguistic backgrounds leads to innovation, imaginative aesthetics  and meaningful dramaturgy. 

If you are an artist or company interested in collaboration, please send an e-mail to


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